CE Marking is a symbol of product safety. This is a product certification for certain products to be
sold in European union. CE Marking is a specific procedure that is to be ensured for a wide variety of
products and one, which manufacturers located in the EU or importers of goods into the EU must
complete. The CE mark is affixed to the product as the final stage of this procedure and is effectively
a statement from the manufacturer (or importer) that the process has been successfully completed
and that the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant CE marking Directives.

We offer our clients, CE Marking Services that ensures free movement of products within the
European market. CE marking is a key indicator of a products compliance with EU legislation and
ensures validity for that product to be sold throughout the European Economic Area. By affixing the
CE marking on a product, a manufacturer abides by all legal requirements to achieve CE marking. CE
marking does not prove that the product was made in the EEA, but states it is thoroughly inspected
before delivering to market. All CE marked products satisfies the legislative requirements. This also
applies to products made in third countries that are sold in the EEA.