About Us
DEIT INC. has been established with an objective to provide the best quality of calibration and testing services using well equipped infrastructure with the help of highly qualified technical personnel is a testing and certification company. We help the IT and telecom equipment manufacturer’s to get their products certified. Since the introduction of mandatory certification requirement from the Govt. of India, companies have turned to our team, for understanding regulatory risks and compliance with Govt. Our technical and regulatory knowledge and breadth of business experience help our clients strategically manage the regulatory compliance and gain competitive edge.

DEIT INC also enable businesses, to get approvals for compliance & certification by Gov. of India regulations. We are passionate to provide our clients timely certification to match compliance.

Our team of experts on the ground help manufacturers reduces time to revenue in the Indian market. The DEIT INC team brings you, the Electronics & telecom industry experts and veterans from private and public sector, helping you to get your products compliance ready in shortest span.

We've earned a reputation for helping our clients increase consumer trust in their brands and gain competitive advantage.

By partnering with us, clients sharpen their competitive edge through
Adherence to world-class standards that enhance the value of their brands.
Faster regulatory approval and product entry to Indian market.
Greater insight into local legislative, cultural, and market conditions.
Cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
Standard documentation, safety and quality across the processes.
Dedicated testing labs with trained engineers and expert guidance.